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Brown School

Brown School was a one room subscription school established in 1811 in the eastern part of Butler Township.  This brick structure replaced the original log school around 1850.  By that time it was a public school supported by property taxes, instead of individual subscriptions.

The ringing of the bell in the bellfry summoned the children to school every morning.  Brown School, named after its first teacher, Mr. Brown, included grades one through eight with the same school master for all students.  On Fridays, parents would come to school to watch the students cipher.

These one room schools were placed within walking distance of the students, normally one to two miles apart.

In 1921, when "One Room" schools were disbanded, Butler Township had amassed 12 schools pus a two story multiple room school in the village of Vandalia.  The schools had no indoor plumbing or electricity.


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The school board sold Brown School on December 31, 1921.  It was remodeled into a residence, consisting of four rooms with indoor plumbing, electricity and a back door.

The school was moved by the Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler from Brown School Road (East of Vandalia) to this site in September 11, 1991 and placed on a new foundation (including a basement).  A new wood single roof, shutters and belfry were restored on the exterior.  The interior was carefully renovated to depict the 1860 era.  The school was dedicated April 25, 1993.


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