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History of Butler Township

Butler Township is located in the northeastern part of Montgomery County, Ohio and lies between the Miami and Stillwater Rivers.  This area became a township in 1817  and was named after a field officer who had served in the Indian War.  Within the township were three villages - Little York, Chambersburg, and Vandalia (Chambersburg was renamed Murlin Height).  Vandalia became incorporated in 1849.  There were two railroad stations known as Tadmor and Johnson's Station.  There were post offices at Little York, Tadmor and Spankertown.

In the 1900's, Butler Township had its quota of mills, distilleries and woolen mills.  It was a farming community, as the soil was rich and fertile.  There was also a large supply of raw materials but no transportation to take them anywhere.  This eventually changed as roads, turnpikes, canals and railroads were built.

In 1880 the population was around 1,250.  in 1989 approximately 11,000 people.

Interstate Routes 70 and 75 provide access in every direction for township residents.  The Dayton International Airport is located in Butler Township, but belongs to the City of Dayton.

The Amateur Trapshoot Association, established in 1924, was located well west of the village.

In the past one hundred years, there have been major changes in Butler Township; Butler Township is a growing community with a proud and rich heritage of historical significance.

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